Scholarship Application

GIA Scholarship Instructions & Application Information

If applying to the Taiwan campus, please select Chinese language application only.

  1. Applicants will create the email and password. The email address entered in the application cannot be changed once the application has been started.
    • Applicants will create their own password and security questions.
    • The password will be required to log back into your application to complete and finish if not completing all at once, and to review the award notification.
  2. Applicants can only complete one scholarship application form (multiple applications will be rejected).
  3. Applicants are required to answer all questions, and attach required documents.
    • Required documents include – a copy of official identification card with picture, such as a passport, driver’s license, and national identify card, etc.; and one letter of recommendation minimum.
  4. Applicant must indicate a program and method of study (on-campus, lab class, or eLearning-Distance Education).
  5. Applicants do not apply for a specific “named” scholarship, but are considered for all scholarships available based on the program and study method chosen in the application.
  6. Awarded Applicants are eligible to receive a scholarship only once per calendar year.
  7. Application must be submitted by the deadline. No requests for deadline extensions are allowed. Assistance will be provided to any applicant experiencing technical issues before the deadline.
  8. Applicants should answer the Essay questions thoroughly and with descriptive and pertinent details and take time to respond to each part of the question. Please make sure to answer the entire question (all parts thoroughly).
    • We suggest typing essay question responses prior in a word document, and then to copy and paste the answers in the essay question text box provided in the application
    • Please be careful while working on your essay questions, as the system will time you out if you are in the section for too long of timeframe, and your essay questions you entered will be lost and are irretrievable!
  9. One letter of recommendation is required, but a maximum of two letters can be submitted. Letters of recommendation must be typed (not handwritten), and in English (or a translation must be done by a professional and included).
  10. Resumes, CV’s, transcripts, are not acceptable documents for a recommendation letter.
  11. Recommendation Letter must be signed and dated within the past 12 months
  12. Writer CANNOT be a relative, family member or current GIA employee
    • The letter of recommendation writer states who they are and how they know you
    • Why they are recommending and believe a GIA scholarship award will help you achieve your goals
    • Acceptable examples of letter of recommendation writers are - current or former employer, a co-worker, someone from your church, a teacher, counselor, a community or non-profit organization that you belong to, or volunteer with, etc.
    • Letter of recommendation must include contact information (name, address, phone and email /web address)

Please contact us 760-603-4131