Scholarship Application

GIA Scholarship Application Instructions & Information

  1. Applicants are eligible to be awarded a scholarship once each calendar year.
  2. Complete only one online scholarship application form, answer all questions, and attach required documents. Required documents include: copy of official identification card with picture, such as a passport, driver’s license, national identify card, etc.; and a minimum of one letter of recommendation (two allowed). Applications submitted without required documents, or incorrect documents, will be rejected.
  3. Applicant must indicate a program of study and the method of study (on-campus, lab class, or eLearning-Distance Education). The applicant does not apply for a specific named scholarship but will be considered for all scholarships available for the program and study method chosen. Members of the scholarship review committee will match applicants with each scholarship’s criteria as outlined by the scholarship donor.
  4. Scholarship award offers must be officially accepted or declined. When a scholarship award is accepted, the applicant remains eligible to apply for a new scholarship the following calendar year. All applicants not chosen for a scholarship, or those who decline a scholarship, are encouraged to apply again.
  5. Application must be submitted by deadline indicated. No requests for deadline extension are allowed, but assistance will be provided to any applicant experiencing a technical issue before the deadline that is caused by the GIA scholarship program.
  6. One letter of recommendation is required, maximum of two. Typed (not handwritten) in English (or a translation done by a professional must be included). Do not attach Resume, CV or transcript as recommendation letter.
    • Writer states who they are and how they know you
    • Why they are recommending and believe a GIA scholarship award will help you achieve your goals
    • Writer CANNOT be a relative, family member or current GIA employee
    • Acceptable writer could be from current or former employer, non-profit organizations, a co-worker, your church, a teacher or counselor, a community organization to which you belong or volunteer.
    • Letter must be signed and dated within past 12 months, and must include all contact information (name, address, phone and email address), written on company letterhead if available.

Contact us or call at +1 800 421 7250, Ext 4131 (U.S. and Canada only) or +1 760 603 4131